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Edamame Beans

I came back to Korea from my Cali trip and I had to go grocery shopping because my fridge was completely empty. So I went to my neighborhood outdoor market and hauled a buttload of fresh produce back home. I love going to the outdoor market because there are so many veggie stalls- such abundance! And it's even better now that it's summer because of all the great seasonal fruits and veggies.

All this cost a total of 14,000 won. That's about the equivalent of $11. Sweeeet! I don't know how I'm going to finish all those potatoes...

Not two months ago, I couldn't find edamame beans anywhere, and then I came back from my vacation, and almost every veggie stall has them! I love edamame beans, so I bought a bunch and cooked 'em up as soon as I got home.

Sprinkled with salt and some paprika. The best snack. Ever.

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