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Sukkara Cafe Review #2

I returned to Sukkara cafe in Hongdae for a second time. I have mixed feelings about this place. Let's start with the good:

Sukkara Cafe

{ Pros }
I love this place because of the fact that they use soymilk in their drinks, for example, their soy chai latte, their green tea latte, and their hot chocolate. So far, it is only the second cafe I know of in Korea that provides soymilk as a replacement to dairy milk (Starbucks being the other place). I ordered their totally indulgent Soymilk Ice Mint Chocolate drink (6,500 won), which was soooo good. It was rich and there were even bits of chocolate in it that hadn't melted. I also saw that they have a bean salad and garlic potatoes on their menu, both of which look to be vegan (I think). And ofcourse, they have a nice interior, interesting music, as well as wireless Internet.

Sukkara Cafe

{ Cons }
In addition to what I experienced last time (see my previous Sukkara post), I learned that they apparently allow customers to smoke inside the cafe, which doesn't make sense to me because I thought that was what their outdoor patio was for. It was kinda hard to focus on my work with people on either side of me puffing away. Also, there's this one hipster waitress who comes off as kinda cold and snooty towards customers. It's minor, but it just makes the service seem less friendly.

Sakkura cafe card
Sakkura cafe card

So, to review, their soymilk drinks are awesome, but the smoking detracts from the experience (for me, at least)... . Regardless, I'm still going there at least one more time, because I filled up their coupon card, so my next drink is on them! :)

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