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Dos Tacos @ Apgu

Yesterday, a bunch of us went to Dos Tacos in Apgujung for Andrew's birthday. The first time I went to Dos Tacos, I wasn't too impressed. I thought the burritos were nothing like those I was used to in the US (I miss Neato Burrito!!). The burritos here look more like wraps. But I guess their food has grown on me, because now I actually get cravings for Dos Tacos. I also love that you can always ask them to take out the cheese and sour cream, and they'll do it without batting an eyelid. I usually either get their Potato burrito (6000won), or their Refried Bean & Broccoli burrito (8000 won). Last night I went with the Potato burrito. Yummy.

Happy Birthday Andrew!

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