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Beach Volleyball Tourament

This past Saturday, me, Chris, and a new friend went to see the Pro Women’s Beach Volleyball Tournament at Jamsil Han River Park. Yea, I know, the Han river is not a beach, but Koreans generally don't seem to be too concerned when it comes to authenticity (think fake noses and fake LV bags). Koreans will always find a way to make it work.

Anyway, we got there pretty late in the day, around 5pm, and watched the two semi-final matches (about 3 hours total). The first game was Brazil vs. Czech Republic (Brazil won), and the second was another Brazilian team against the USA (USA won). The seats were surprisingly a lot emptier than I thought they'd be, considering admission was free. I guess Koreans don't really care to see tall, fit, half nekked women, rolling around in sand.

I'm really glad we did something different from what we usually do around Seoul. It was nice to just chill out with some drinks and snacks, while watching the game and chatting. They also had giant sand castles nearby, which children were ruining by climbing all over them.

After the games, we went scouting for some food around Sincheon station. Although the area apparently doesn't have much else besides bars and bbq restaurants, we finally found a Chinese restaurant that seemed to have some veg options. Chris and I both ordered 'Mapo tofu' and when we asked the waiter to take out the 'meat,' he was like "but if you take out the meat, there'll be no taste!" But we insisted, and he put in the order. All was going according to plan... . That is, until we got our plates. We realized that instead of plain rice, they gave us fried rice with egg in it, and they also put shrimp in the tofu. errrg.

I picked out the shrimp, but ended up just eating the fried rice. I guess I should be more thorough in my interrogation of how the food comes out. Also, it was super spicy!! My asshole was burninating the next morning.

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