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Baking Class #3

This week's class was pretty interesting. We made one thing that I am pretty familiar with, and then two other things that I have never even thought about trying before.


1. First, she demonstrated how to make soymilk mango smoothies. I make a lot of smoothies (as you can see here), but her smoothie had a lil extra sum'n sum'n: tofu and coconut flakes! Plus, she used exotic mango puree shipped from the Philippines by her friend. Now if only I can get Brian or Kwon to ship some to me...

So we were sipping on these mango smoothies throughout the rest of the class. :) mmm~


2. Next, we went nuts with the rolling pin, making Carrot Crackers! It has never occurred to me to make my own crackers, just because I don't really eat crackers much to begin with. Also, it seems kinda of time-consuming... and yea, I was right, it is time-consuming. Putting the ingredients together was easy peasy; rolling the dough and cutting out the cracker shapes was the tedious part! But then stamping each one with the word 'SMILE' just made it all worth it. Plus they tasted awesome once they were baked~! The almond bits in it even gave it a slight cheesy taste. If you want to give someone a really impressive home-baked gift, I say go with a bag of crackers- they look totally adorable and are filled with love.


3. Ok, the next thing we made was Wild Berries & Green Tea Cheesecake. The name sounds incredible, but the recipe was pretty bizzare. It was basically a vegan take on cheesecake, using tofu and the slimy Asian yam that I talked about in this post, and also grapefruit. We even used our carrot crackers for the crust! Even though it was based off of cheesecake, the instructor lady admitted that it's not much like the traditional 'cheesecake' that we usually think of.


We tasted some of her pre-made one in the class, and although it tasted pretty good, you wouldn't ever think of 'cheesecake' while eating it. It was more like trifle or some kind of custard/pudding. Also, the tofu taste was kinda noticeable, but it wasn't bad.


If I ever attempt this recipe on my own, I'll try using a graham cracker crust, and maybe omit the grapefruit. At least if I make it at home, I won't have to put it in a plastic takeout container. hehe.

I haven't tried mine yet because we have to let it set in the fridge for two days. I hope mine tastes good!

So three classes down, only one more to go! :( Kinda sad to think about that actually, cuz I've been enjoying it so much.

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