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Baking Class #2

It's that time of the week again, when I blog about my baking class! I'm really glad I signed up because I'm thoroughly enjoying the break from my usual routine. Here's what we made:


{ Sweet Pumpkin & Lotus Root Pound Cake }
I never tried Lotus root until recently as a Korean side dish, and I love it. It's usually cooked with some kind of soysauce mixture. When cooked, it's crunchy but also a bit chewy (bendy?) at the same time. There's also a slight sliminess when it's cut, but that's hardly noticeable when you eat it. Even though I've had it as a savory side dish, this was my first time seeing it used in baking. Such innovation! We used the lotus root for three different purposes in this pound cake: 1. Blended to make the 'egg replacer.' 2. Grated to give the cake some texture once baked. 3. Sliced as garnish on the top.


Ain't it stunning? It tasted incredible too. The best pumpkin pound cake I've ever had. The dark stuff in the middle is the pumpkin (acorn squash) skin - it's a nice surprise in the cake.

{ Apple Soup }
She called it soup, but I would say that it's more like very fancy, milky apple sauce or apple butter. 'Fancy' because there's white wine in it. You can totally tell she's a food stylist - check out the adorable mint leaf garnish and crochet doily!


{ Tofu Nut Brownies }
I haven't made brownies in a ridiculously long time... like since I was a little kid. And never with tofu! We baked them in little tart cups, so they look like mini pies. ha. They were really soft and moist- yummm.


Everything packed up to take home:


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