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aA Design Museum Cafe

Every time I go to Hongdae, it seems that the number of cafes has noticeably increased. With such stiff competition in the area, it's a wonder how they can all survive... A lot of them tend to be pretty much the same, with similar interiors and concepts - you know, the cutesy, romantic, pretty type that Korean girls are charmed by. But the aA Design Museum cafe stands out above the rest in the sea of Hongdae cafes.

First of all, it's huge. It's kind of like an open loft in NYC, and it's filled with designer furniture, like those of Charles and Ray Eames. They also have wireless internet, an outdoor patio, interesting basement bathrooms, and organic, fair trade coffee.

Their menu is definitely not cheap though. I just ordered a Korean Plum Ice Tea, which cost 5,500 won. Their coffees seem to be about that price or more. I guess in Korea, you're not just paying for your drink, but also the atmosphere and the space.

Check out what they hide in their basement! More sweet furniture and a giant floating whale.

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