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Vegan Buffet

*UPDATE* This place is now a 'Loving Hut' Buffet. The food is basically the same, just the restaurant name has changed.

Went to Oh-Sae-Gae-Hyang Buffet again yesterday. I was having a bad day and so this place (and Chris' company) cheered me right up. hehe. Also, according to their new paper placemats, their food is 100% vegan. How awesome!

This is Chris' salad. I think he likes sunflower seeds and raisins.

Here's what I ate. Those vegan sausages were tasty!

Here's what we ate for dessert. Their cookies are yummy! Kinda like shortbread.

Also, it seems that they're still doing their promotional deal of 9,900won per person for weekday dinners. Soooo worth it. I always walk out of there completely stuffed. hehe.

Directions: Go to Achasan Subway Station. It's right infront of Exit 1. Easy Peasy, you can't miss it. Go check it outttt.

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