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Tofu Love

Lately, I've been eating lots of tofu. I can't believe I used to detest tofu, cuz now I love it. Here are some photos of how I've been consuming my 'dubu,' or as I like to call it, "doobs". The first photo is lightly fried tofu, covered with a sauce made from red pepper paste (gochujang), brown rice syrup, ketchup, a bit of soysauce, and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Sorry, I'm terrible at giving recipes, mostly because I don't know or remember the measurements. The second photo is curry spiced tofu with onions and bell peppers.

Then today, my sister, Sylvia and I went to this Chinese restaurant that is on the 10th floor of the Kundae Lotte Department Store. I ordered Mapo Tofu (9000 won) and asked them to take out the meat. The first time I ate it there, it was really spicy. This time, it was just really bland- it needed more salt and flavor! But everything else was pretty good. I don't go to Chinese restaurants in Korea often, but when I do, I always order the Mapo Tofu. So far, all of them have been accommodating in making the dish without meat for me.

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