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Bunny's Cheonan Vacation

I was in Cheonan from Monday night to Wednesday night because it's my sister's last week here. I even brought Bunny with me for the trip cuz I couldn't leave her alone in Seoul for 2 nights! Even though the journey itself was probably stressful for her, I think she really loved being in Cheonan cuz she was jumping around the spacious apartment, sprawling out in complete relaxation, and even chomping on my mum's plants.

We also went for a walk around the apartment area, with Bunny on a leash. Bunny doesn't like to be led- she likes to be the one leading, so I'm always following her wherever she hops to. Sadly, I don't get to take Bunny out too much when we're in Seoul. I've taken her by the Han river before to let her play in the grass, but I end up feeling uncomfortable because people point and stare. I suppose I would too, if I saw a girl walking a rabbit. Anyway. So this time, she got to feel grass between her toes again. I actually think she doesn't like getting dirty because she kept cleaning herself after a few steps. Talk about high maintenance!

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