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You know you're addicted to vegan baking when...

  • vegan baking books become your nighttime reading.
  • you wake up early just to bake.
  • you start baking after midnight, because you have an itch to bake.
  • you are constantly looking through vegan food blogs.
  • you buy exotic baking ingredients without knowing exactly how you'll use them.
  • you will go to any length to get an ingredient a recipe calls for.
  • you own an oven thermometer.
  • you dream about baking.
  • you bake more than you have mouths to feed.
  • you gain weight.
  • you have to give yourself a weekly baking limit.
  • you break your weekly baking limit.
  • you try the same recipe using different egg replacers.
  • you try the same recipe using different nondairy milks.
  • you start a blog that unintentionally ends up being primarily about vegan baking.
  • you start feeding your coworkers with things you bake, just so you don't end up eating them all.
  • you consider putting your convection oven away for a month so it won't tempt you... outta sight, outta mind, right?
  • you own more baking pans and muffin tins than pots and saucepans.
  • most of your kitchen cupboards contain baking supplies and ingredients.
  • you start looking for any excuse to bake - pms day? happy UNbirthday?
  • you don't give up on a recipe until it comes out perfect.
  • you entertain the idea of going to culinary school to become a vegan pastry chef.
  • mixing the wet with the dry takes you to your happy place.

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