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Is this not the most bombdiggidelicious-looking loaf of bread you have ever seen?! Once again, my best loaf yet. And it's massive! My serrated knife is not big enough to slice through it in one go. This time, I added some wheat gluten that I ordered from and I kept an eye on it in the oven to make sure it didn't brown too much. I think I finally have my convection oven's temperatures figured out. Ahh, baking bread is so therapeutic, and I wouldn't mind doing it everyday.

And is that not the most beautiful eggless egg sandwich you have ever seen?!! I made it with 'biji,' the "bean-curd refuse" that I talked about in this entry. Besides making sandwiches, I also just like eating my bread with marmite. Does anyone else know about the amazingness that is 'Marmite'? It's made from yeast extract, and it's mostly a british thing (Australians have their own version called 'vegemite'). I have been spreading this stuff on my toast since before I knew what toast was, but I only recently learned that it's vegan, and that it's a good source of vitamin B12! My dad goes to the UK every now and then, and I always ask him to bring me a jar. For those of you who are missing out and have no idea what Marmite is, it tastes and looks a bit like concentrated soysauce, with the consistency of really thick honey. It's tastes pretty salty, so don't mistake it for chocolate spread and slather a thick layer on your bread (yes, that has happened before). It's best to spread a very thin layer with some [vegan] butter. Scrrrumptious. Lookie, it's even approved by the vegetarian society:

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