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Rrrraw but not wrrrigling!

Here's a picture of what my family made for dinner last night: Veggies and a soybean mash/pate to wrap with Vietnamese Rice paper.

I've been trying to eat more raw foods lately. I know raw veganism is a growing movement, and that there are certain health benefits that come with going raw, but I just don't think it's right for me. I mean, I gotta at least boil water for my tea! But I have mad respect all the raw foodies out there, and I do think I should incorporate more raw foods in my diet. That's partly why I've started making smoothies. And this week, I made some leafy green salads. Most restaurants in Korea do not serve American-style salads, and the packaged ones that you find at department stores are way overpriced, and also include bits of animals in them. Koreans just don't do fresh 'salads.' They're more into cooking their greens in the form of 'ban-chan' (side dishes), and eating them with rice. So after about 2.5 years in Korea, I've developed somewhat of a craving for good, fresh salad. Here's a photie of a salad I made this week. So green! So fresh! Life is good!

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