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Ritter Sport Chocolate

Went to the Hyundae Department store at COEX today and found Ritter Sport Marzipan chocolate! I can't remember where, but I read somewhere that it's vegan, and indeed, according to the ingredients list, it is! And it's yummy. I love the marzipan texture: slightly chewy, kind of like finely grated coconut, but if you let it, it will also simply melt in your mouth. Now I just wish they supplied the Peppermint version, which is also supposedly vegan and unbelievably good.

My sister and I also went to 'On the Border' for dinner. I just ordered their 'house salad.' I like their salad because it's simple and it's actually green. No pathetic iceberg lettuce to be found. But I forgot to ask them to take out the grated cheese, so I ended up trying to pick it out as best I could.

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