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Happy Earth Day!

April 22: Today is Earth Day. Everyday should be Earth Day.

It seriously scares me what the future will be like, what with the way we are depleting the earth of its resources. And what alarms me even more is how there are people out there who simply do not care. Love of the environment has always been a huge reason why I'm vegan. Eating meat is such a huge contributing factor to global warming, pollution, and all kinds of environmental degradation. What will future generations say about us when they look back on history and see how irresponsible we were, and how we selfishly abused and raped mother nature, leaving them to live with the mess?

So, that said, I challenge people to go veg for Earth Day. It's just one day. Do it for the earth, do it for your [future] children, do it for the animals.

Also, there's a kickass chart from GOOD magazine that shows how we can reduce our use of water, one of our most precious resources. Basically, if you want to use less water, instead of piddling over low-flow showerheads, just eat less meat! *click for full chart*

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