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Explorin' the 'hood (daily doodle D-3)

My job is keeping me super busy this week, and since I work the majority of the week at home, I haven't been outside much. Sometimes, I borrow my sister's laptop, go to a coffeeshop with wifi, and work there, but that hasn't been an option this week. Anyway, I actually would've gone two whole days without going outside if I hadn't taken a break and gone for a walk today. What makes it worse is that the weather has been sooooo nice lately, and I haven't been taking full advantage of it, being cooped up in my hole.

Anyway, for my walk, I decided to explore my neighborhood a bit, and I discovered this huge market area! I have lived here for almost 2 years, so it is quite shameful that I only found it today. It's one of those more traditional 'outdoor' Korean markets, not a supermarket (although, there is a Kim's Mart in the middle of it all). And there are so many vegetable and fruit stalls, so I will definitely be doing more grocery shopping there. Yayyy for new discoveries and less E-mart.

Well, here's what I painted today. Since I made the pact to create something every day this month, that kind of forces me to blog every day too. Sorry the quality of these photographs is kinda cruddy, my scanner is currently in Cheonan. I guess photos will have to suffice.

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