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Daily Doodle D-15 & D-16

So, I've been toying with the idea of splitting this blog into two: one specifically for my art & illustrations, and another for vegan food/life. I'm realizing that my blog is lacking focus. I have a separate website for my art portfolio, but it's just been a serious pain in the arse to update it with new work. I have very little web designing experience, so updating my site has always been a dreaded chore. In fact, my website is currently not available because I haven't gotten around to renewing my domain name! Me so lazy. On top of that, I lost my art website files when my computer decided to have a nervous breakdown. (Apple tech-guy had to delete everything and start it from scratch! My music!!) Although I can reclaim the website files from my ftp site, this final event was the last straw that broke my back (I don't believe in putting straws on camels' backs). So, all these issues are giving me more incentive to start a new blog solely for my art/illustrations. But since I'm in the middle of my Daily Doodle challenge, I won't start it until April is over. :) Sound like a plan?

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