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Daily Doodle D-14

How ironic that yesterday I was raving about independent coffee shops, and that now, I'm writing this while sitting at a Starbucks. I remember my college days when I would passionately boycott Starbucks. And then I came to Korea, turned vegan, and realized that Starbucks is the only place that substitutes dairymilk with soymilk in their lattes. I will even admit that I have a favorite starbucks drink: Soy chai tea latte with no syrup. :) It's the only thing I ever get! Although I try not to support this megachain too much, I do admit that Starbucks is convenient because it is everwhere and because it has soymilk.

Anywayyy. I'm here with my sister and Chris. Two of my most favorite people in Korea. It's a happy Sunday afternoon! Oh, and today's doodle photo was taken by Chris with his awesome new Nikon D40X. :)

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