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Birthdays & Daily Doodles (D-12, D-13)

Warning: it's gonna be a long post! My computer is currently at the repair shop, so I wasn't able to post yesterday's doodle.

Daily Doodle D-12: a moth with holes in its wings. :(

Daily Doodle D-13: climbing a never-ending ladder.

I'm using my sister's laptop right now. Life without a computer has definitely made me more aware of how much time I spend on it. I've been freed up for other things, like more reading, outdoor activities, and even more sleeping! But I do miss having music or background noise on while I draw... I'm a bit concerned for my computer... it was having problems starting up, and the computer service guy said there's a chance they might have to erase everything!! :( noooo! My music! I don't really care about anything else, except my music, cuz I paid for it! I used to have backups on my old ipod, but then I accidentally drowned the ipod in fruit juice, and didn't get round to creating other backup files... babo! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I guess in the end, it's not the end of the world. I'll get over it.

Thursday was my friend and coworker Janice's birthday. We went to this really cute Italian Restaurant in Chungdahm Dong called 'Mi Piace.' The table that they reserved for us looked really fancy and posh! I ordered a "Grilled Vegetable Salad" which was pretty much the only vegan option... It had all sorts of veggies on it (even asparagus, which I don't think I've ever seen in Korea before), with balsamic dressing. Awesome. I would go back for that salad.

Then on Friday, I decided to try making my first ever mini cinnamon rolls. I got the recipe from As the recipe promised, they were quick and easy (no yeast!), and they were actually pretty tasty. They were kind of more like scones or biscuits though, rather than your traditional cinnamon roll. Also, I didn't put sugar glazing on the top like you're supposed to, and just sprinkled some regular sugar mixed with cinnamon powder on top. They look kinda cute, no?

BTW, you know how I was so happy to have found vegan margerine? Well, it may be vegan, but it tastes like crap. It pretty much has the consistency of really hard wax. It doesn't soften at all! And when you eat it, it leaves this weird film on the roof of your mouth. I don't think it's edible, and I really don't even see how your body could digest it easily. I imagine it just sitting in the stomach as a clump of plastic margerine, or just seriously clogging your arteries. bad bad bad. Don't buy. Don't eat!

There's this really adorable cafe close to my house that I have started going to recently. It's called Coffee House 101. Besides coffee, they have some nice herbal teas, and it's just a nice, small, chill nook. They also have wireless internet! I went there today to do some reading and doodling. Who needs starbucks when there are lovely independent cafes like this one??!

And finally, yesterday was Christina's birthday so I baked some chocolate cupcakes with C's on them. Unfortunately, I ended up not going to the party cuz I wasn't feeling too well, so she didn't even get to see these creations! I ate a few, but most of them are still sitting on my countertop... who will eat them?!

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