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First Blog!

Last weekend, my sister and I left the craziness that is Seoul and headed to Cheonan for my mum's birthday. I do not know why I don't go to Cheonan more often because it always feels so good to get away from the hordes of people in Seoul. Especially going to my parents' house... it's so spacious, airy, and best of all, it's in the hills, surrounded by trees!! My mum also always makes sure to stock up on food for us to eat while we're there. This time she bought lots of fruits like bananas, strawberries, apples, grapes, and tangerines. Fruit makes me so happy!

Anyway, for my mum's birthday, I baked my first ever Pineapple Upside-Down Cake! And vegan at that! I got the recipe from, and it turned out fantastic! I think it's traditional to put cherries in the holes of the pineapple rings, but I just cut up some strawberries to place on top, instead. Another reason why I should visit home more often is because my parents' place has a real oven, as opposed to my little convection oven, which tends to screw things up since the heat is so close to whatever it is that i'm baking. For instance, I've been trying to bake whole wheat bread in my convection oven, but figuring out just the right temperature on my oven is a bit frustrating. I should just bake all my bread in Cheonan... Anyway, I refuse to give up. And I still love my convection oven!

So yea, that was part of my weekend. Happy Birthday Umma! I love you.

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